The flexibility of CANscript allows our biopharma partners to utilize our platform for several drug development & discovery applications.

Biopharma Applications

Combinations Selection
Use M-Score to determine the optimal drug or drug combinations for the indication of interest. With so many potential combinations, CANscript will inform which ones drive the optimal response.
Mechanism of Action
Explore kinetics and modulation of important signaling networks (by omics) using the CANscript platform to understand the biology of response
Drug Impact on Immune Microenvironment
CANscript’s integrated microenvironment, including preservation of the tumor immune compartment, makes it a unique tool to understand immuno-modulators’ activity and efficacy.
Biomarker Discovery
CANscript enables higher scale modeling of predicted responders and non-responders. Leverage CANscript’s predictive power to identify biomarkers that distinguish these populations.
Indication Selection
Determine which tumor type (indication, subgroup, etc.) to prioritize for clinical development with your lead candidate. CANscript can determine the target, drivers, and the drug with highest potential efficacy.
Parallel Clinical Trial
Use CANscript alongside your clinical trial to validate and further understand differential response/resistance and durability of response/resistance within a population.