Patient-Specific /
90% Correlation with
Clinical Results*

CANscript is Different.

Genomic cancer profiling classifies patients into groups based on the detection of genetic mutations and alterations. Other functional platforms manipulate and distort tumor tissue, resulting in low correlation to patient response.

Unlike these alternatives, CANscript recreates the patient’s unique tumor microenvironment to evaluate that individual patient’s tumor response, in real-time, to physician-selected treatments.

The result is higher correlation to clinical outcomes, greater clinical benefit, and significant advancement in truly personalized care.

The high correlation of CANscript predictions to actual clinical outcomes has been demonstrated and documented in peer reviewed publications and major conference presentations.

Innovative Science

CANscript recreates the native tumor microenvironment. CANscript does not process or artificially grow the tumor microenvironment for evaluation; rather, the application carefully recreates the complete tumor ecosystem. That way, the test results can closely approximate what will happen when a treatment is provided to the actual patient.

Unique Analysis

CANscript applies a series of meaningful terminal and kinetic assays to evaluate clinical response to each tested treatment. The platform utilizes a sophisticated, clinical data-trained algorithm to deliver a response prediction per treatment tested with exceptionally high correlation to clinical outcome.

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*Majumder Biswanath et al, “Predicting clinical response to anticancer drugs using an ex vivo platform that captures tumour heterogeneity” Nature Communications, Issue 6, 2015