CANscript Results Predict Clinical Outcomes

The capability to accurately predict how a cancer patient will respond to treatment can provide confidence and hope to both patient and physician.

  • An effective treatment can extend a patient’s life while dramatically improving their quality of life as well.
  • An ineffective treatment can lose time, add toxicity, and increase cost.

CANscript results predict treatments that are highly likely to work in a specific patient, and identify treatments that are most likely ineffective for that patient.

90% Correlation with Clinical ResultsIn published data, CANscript’s powerful predictions have matched actual clinical results more than 90% of the time*.

CANscript has been developed and validated using hundreds of clinical cases across multiple solid tumor types and hematologic cancers**.

See what will work before a patient receives treatment, and build confidence and hope.

*Majumder Biswanath et al, “Predicting clinical response to anticancer drugs using an ex vivo platform that captures tumour heterogeneity” Nature Communications, Issue 6, 2015

** Internal Mitra Biotech data