The Power of the Tumor Microenvironment

By recreating of the complete tumor microenvironment, CANscript™ can evaluate how a unique patient’s tumor responds to tested treatments, in real-time.

The results are uniquely personalized predictions of clinical outcomes.

A Powerful Platform Advancing Personalized Medicine

CANscript recreates the tumor microenvironment, including the immune compartment, stroma, and vasculature.

CANscript recreates the native tumor microenvironment, engineering an ex‑vivo tumor ecosystem where tumor sections with contextually conserved cellular architecture and microenvironmental heterogeneity are cultured with defined tumor grade-matched matrix support in the presence of autologous factors containing endogenous ligands.

This intricate recreation process is critical, as the spatial distribution of cancer and stromal cells within the tumor microenvironment can affect proliferation, differentiation, morphology, and other cellular functions, and ultimately alter clinical response predictions.

Unlike alternative platforms, CANscript does not manipulate or distort tumor tissue for evaluation. CANscript recreates the tumor ecosystem to mimic the patient’s tumor biology. Therefore, what occurs within the patient is demonstrated in the test results.

After recreating the tumor microenvironment, CANscript utilizes multiple terminal and kinetic measurements to evaluate clinical response to physician-selected treatments. The platform utilizes a sophisticated, machine learning algorithm to deliver a response prediction for each treatment tested.