Strengthen your preclinical data package

Test your therapeutic modality in a translational human model system, to investigate mechanism of action, optimize dose ranges and identify clinically relevant biomarker endpoints

Why wait to get human data from the clinic?

With CANscript, you can:

  • Test your candidate on fresh human tumor samples sourced from a robust network of hospitals
  • Get data using a growing portfolio of assays to measure gene expression changes, phenotypic and biomarker endpoints.

Why is it important to maintain the tumor microenvironment?

An intact human TME and immune compartment is essential to accurately evaluate immuno-oncology therapies. Our ex vivo histoculture platform (CANscript) offers a truly human platform to analyze disease biology and the efficacy of drug candidates in fresh human tumors cultured in a matched TME and immune cell compartment. The platform can be used to evaluate therapeutic response across many categories of drug mechanisms including bi-specific antibodies, monoclonal antibodies, small molecules and oncolytic viruses.

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